Legend Age Cherry Lipstick
Legend Age Cherry Lipstick
Legend Age Cherry Lipstick

Legend Age Cherry Lipstick

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Legend Age Cherry Lipstick

Nurture your lip with 100% natural botanical ingredients

What It Is:

Discover longwearing and instant repair power with this full coverage moisturizing lipstick. The ultra-healing formula combines intense botanical extracts & buttery smooth  super moisturizing plant based oils to enhance your personal lip color that are longlasting and unique! 


-Instant repair damaged/ dry lips with UV protection

-Adjust lip color naturally

-Reducing pigmentation, improving dark lips

-Harsh chemical free, safe for pregnant women and children

How to Use:

Apply to clean lips at least 4 times per day. Apply after eating because lip skin is usually the driest right after eating; the mucosal tissue on your lips is more susceptible to damage at this time. Apply before bed, so lip skin can recover during night time. Apply several layers to make your lip color more vivid!

* If the paste becomes too soft, put the lipstick in the refrigerator for five minutes before application.


West Indian cherry extract, beeswax, vitamin E oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, lanolin oil, candelila wax, olive oil, tocopherol, European sweet cherry seed oil, mica, wild strawberry extract, titanium dioxide.

 * Stop using if any allergic reaction occurs and consult with health practitioner.