Western Indian cherries extract:

Western Indian cherry extract contains (1) Rich iron, which promotes the production of heme, keeping lips smooth and nourished. (2) Rich vitamin C, which is a powerful natural anti-oxidant that maintains cell health, locks in moisture, prevents discoloration, reduces fine lines, and prevents premature aging. (3) Rich anthocyanins, which are water-soluable vacuolar pigments that change colors with pH; the stronger the body’s acid level, the redder it appears. Therefore, lips appear in different hues of red, pink, magenta, coral, etc. depending on each person’s acid level. Anthocyanins also adjust lip colors based on body temperature. The end result is a gorgeous lip color unique to each user.

Cherry extract

Vitamin E Oil: 

Vitamin E is a natural and powerful antioxidant which maintains the integrity of the cell membrane, keeps moisture, prevents pigmentation, reduces fine lines on the lips, and prevents premature aging.

Extracted from a large number of green plants’ seed germ, Vitamin E in our Cherry Lipstick can be easily absorbed by the skin to promote faster metabolism, prevent pigmentation, improve skin elasticity, moisturize skin around the lips, and slows down aging.


Beeswax moisturizes lips, reduces lip fine lines, repairs damaged lips, and helps to treat lip inflammation. Natural beeswax is yellow or pale brown (this is why our Cherry lipstick paste is yellow. However, 99.99% of the lipstick pastes in the market are in different colors). Beeswax is a fatty substances secreted by worker bees. The main component of the wax is an ester made up of high-quality fatty acids and monohydric alcohol. Beeswax also contains carotene, vitamin A, and aromatic substances. Beeswax has excellent adhesion, permeability, and smoothness. It repairs and detoxifies, and rejuvenates lips, reduces inflammation, heals lip dryness and peeling.


Titanium dioxide:

Titanium dioxide is an excellent sunscreen due to its high refractive index, its strong UV light absorbing capabilities, and its resistance to discoloration under ultraviolet light. Nano-scaled titanium dioxide particles can scatter visible light while still providing UV protection.